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Single Station Parallel Feeding AGM Stacking Machine

Single Station Parallel Feeding AGM Stacking Machine
Single Station Parallel Feeding AGM Stacking Machine
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Product Code : Single Station Parallel Feeding AGM Stacking Machine
Brand Name : Better
Product Description
Main Technical Parameters:

1.Power supply: AC380V/50Hz

2. Air supply: 0.4-0.6Mpa

3. Rated power: 2KW

4. Production efficiency+4/-5, 1 cell/10 sec; Operation Ratio more than 90%.

12V35Ah: 600-700pcs/8 hours

12V100Ah: 300pcs/8 hours

5. External equipment dimension: Length*Width*Height = 2880*1460*2100mm

6. Equipment Model: LQ-BX12-2-101 single output type

Main Electrical Components Selection:

1.Pneumatic element: Airtec

2. PLC: Mitsubishi

3.Human-computer interface: Omron 7"

4. Stepping motor: Leisai

Applicable Production Specification:

Battery specification: The plates width within 60mm difference can share the same machine.

Main performance index:

1.The equipment adopts the single output and parallel loading method.

2.There are two separator feeding shelves, the user can choose single layer stacking or double-layer stacking, and can adjust the rising or descending manually by air valve. When there is lack of separator or no separator, the machine will alarm.

3.It adopts motor to convey the plates, equipped with the detection mechanism to convey the plates and stop automatically.

4.It adopts stepping motor to convey the separator, the user can set the length of  separator on the human-computer interface.It adopts photoelectric detection to check whether there is separator.

5.The gap adjustment for separator conveying mechanism is available so that it can adjust the separator compression ratio.

6.The separator cutter can be adjusted up and down so that central point of different separator length can be positioned.

7.The plates are conveyed parallelly equipped with detection mechanism for checking full loading or lack of plates. (Equipped with plates suction detection mechanism to judge whether there is suction.

 When the suction is abnormal, the machine will alarm. After manual reset, it will go on with the current action.

8. The plate groups will rise and descend in stepping method, and the lifting parameters can be set on the human-computer interface (such as lifting speed, lifting distance, etc.)

9. The quantity of plates in one plate group can be set on the human-computer interface directly.

10. The plates are conveyed by engineering plastic-steel chain.

11. There is automatic longitudinal adjustment mechanism for adjust the plate group.

12. When the equipment procedure setting is wrong, the machine will alarm.

Every movement fault or lack of material will be displayed on the human-computer interface.

13. All the pneumatic components has duct protection to avoid cylinder wear.

Electric components and pneumatic components are installed in different electric cabinet.

14. The plate and plate group worktables are equipped with dust collection drawer. The whole machine is equipped with dust suction hood, the diameter of the suction opening is 120mm.

15. The electric cabinet has dust prevention, with combination of both bottom suction and side suction.

16. The feeding for positive plate and negative plate adopts pushing method, photoelectric detection limit, and with a steel brush to prevent plate displacement. There is plate falling detection before the positive plate is pushed. If the falling is abnormal, the machine will alarm and stop. After manual troubleshooting, reset and go on with the current operation.

17. Equipped with centrifugal pump which should be cleaned weekly (the centrifugal pump has dust filter bucket and a grease gun)

18. Free wearing parts: sucker (20pcs), blade (20pcs), adhesive tape (20pcs). 

19. Different specification can be changed within 15 minutes, which is very fast.       

20. The operation manual and electric circuit diagram will be provided when the machine is completed.

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