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Evaporating Crystallization Device

Evaporating Crystallization Device
Evaporating Crystallization Device
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Product Code : Evaporating Crystallization Device
Brand Name : Better
Product Description

Evaporating Crystallization Device

Technical Parameter

  • Model: 3T/H
  • Evaporation capacity: 3000Kg/h
  • Feeding material: low concentration waste water
  • Steam consumption capacity: 1455kg/h (including pre-heating and heat loss)
  • First-effect evaporating temperature: 114.1
  • Second-effect evaporating temperature: 87
  • Third-effect evaporating temperature: 54
  • First-effect material temperature: 114.1
  • Second-effect material temperature: 87
  • Third-effect material temperature: 60 circulating water capacity: 72T/h (inflow 29 outflow 37)
  • Total Power of Motor: 23.2 KW
  • Flow direction of material Flow direction of steam
  • Dimension:

Equipment features

  • To reduce energy consumption, it adopts three-effect and double-level pre-heating.
  • To prevent pipe blockage, it adopts discharging back-blush and equipment forced circulation.
  • The crystallization point is with slanted pipe design, and the lowest point is equipped with vapor washing and drainage outlet. The discharging pipe and reflux pipe is with piping insulation.
  • Temperature sensor automatically controls the opening of the evaporator regulating valve according to analog quantity.
  • The first-effect, second-effect and third-effect liquid level sensors automatically control the opening of evaporator regulating valve according to analog quantity.
  • Auto-alarm will effect in case of any special circumstance like malfunctions.
  • Equipment is capable of continuous feeding and intermittent discharging.
  • The condensate water will be continuously pumped out.
  • The equipment can be controlled manually when special circumstance occurs.
  • The temperature sensors indicate first-effect, second-effect and third-effect material temperature.
  • The touch screen displays real-time temperature for convenient monitoring.

Supply Range:

Commodity and Main Parameter Material Qty.
First-effect heater 
36m2   5004500(barrel)5
304 1 pc
first-effect separator 
304 1 pc
Second-effect heater 
36m2   5004500(barrel)5
304 1 pc
Second-effect separator
304 1 pc
Third-effect heater 
36m2  500—4500(barrel)—5
304 1 pc
Third--effect separator 
304 1 pc
45m2  550—3000—5
304 1 pc
Level 1 pre-heater
304 1 pc
Level 2 pre-heater 
304 1 pc
crystal buffer tank
304 1 pc
fluid buffer tank
304 1 pc
Three-effect forced circulation pump 
(frequency conversion)
15KW    Q=559m3/h  H= 4.2m
304 1 pc
Feed pump
1.5KW    Q=3.2m3/h   H=32
304 1 pc
Reflux centrifuging pump
1.5KW    Q=2m3/h   H=34.3m
304 1 pc
Crystal and sludge discharging pump
1.5KW   Q=3.5m3/h  H=30m 
304 1 pc
reflux pump 
1.1KW#   Q=2m3/h   H=24m
304 1 pc
Condensate water centrifuging pump 2.2KW
Q=3.75m3/h   H=34.3m
304 1 pc
Water-ring vacuum pump
  1 pc
Feeding PID regulating valve
304 1 pc
Second-effect pressure type liquid level sensor 304 1 pc
Flux PID regulating valve 
304 1 pc
Third-effect pressure type liquid level sensor 304 1 pc
Reflux PID regulating valve 
304 1 pc
First-effect pressure type liquid level sensor 304 1 pc
link-suspended basket centrifuge 
304 1 pc
Working platform and ladder A3 1 pc
steam manifold A3 1 pc
Touch screen Mitsubishi 1set
PLC Mitsubishi 1set
I/0 Extend Mitsubishi 1set
Analog input and output Mitsubishi 1set
telecommunication electric cable Mitsubishi 1set
Electrical cabinet   1 pc
Pipe, valve and accessories 304 1set

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